In preparation for the Fair Seas Labour Conference and to maximize its impact, the Preparatory Meeting brought together leaders of the previously established SEA Forum for Fishers (see ‘History’) together at a closed-door, high-level discussion to shape the revitalization of the Forum after the hiatus in its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ministry of Labour, Thailand and the ILO co-hosted the meeting in Hua Hin Thailand on 18 August 2022. In attendance were representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations and governments from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia. The meeting allowed participants to discuss the following points:

  1. Proposed updates to the Terms of Reference of the SEA Forum for Fishers, including membership and Steering Committee composition, proposed changes to the focus of thematic working groups
  2. Consider and discuss strategies and priorities of the Forum, particularly concerning post-pandemic recovery for the fishing and seafood processing sectors and strengthening labour protections for workers.

In addition, the participants shared experience and knowledge related to inspections for working conditions in the fishing sector and observed a Port-In Port-Out inspection conducted by the Thai interdisciplinary team.

The outcome documents from the Preparatory Meeting include:

  • Steering Committee Resolution of 18 August 2022
  • Annex 1: Terms of Reference, South-East Asian Forum for Safe Migration and Decent Work in the Fishing and Seafood Processing Sectors
  • Participants List

Preparatory Meeting Outcome Documents


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