Fair Seas Conference

Through revitalizing the SEA Forum for Fishers, the Conference will bring together stakeholders from Southeast Asia and address the challenges of labour protection for workers in the fishing and seafood processing sectors who are often migrants, low-waged, in the informal economy and precarious jobs.

The Fair Seas Labour Conference will adopt an integrated approach to promote decent work and safe labour migration in the fishing and seafood processing sectors in and from Southeast Asia.

Conference Objectives

Regional Coordination

To revitalize the SEA Forum for Fishers as a regional coordination forum to address the decent work deficits for workers in the fish and seafood supply chain.

Renew Commitments

To renew commitments for more effective protection and increased resilience for all workers, particularly part-time, low-wage, migrants, women workers, and informal workers in the blue economy.

Create Partnerships

To create partnerships between South-East Asian stakeholders for collective action to reduce inequalities and foster social and economic inclusion through creating decent jobs in the fishing and seafood processing sectors.

Guiding Questions

Learn about the impacts of COVID-19 on fishing in South East Asia

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